Meat Free Week: March 23-29

by Mary Pomerantz


People become vegetarians for many reasons. The primary impetus for people to eliminate animal products from their diets is health. Eating meat can contribute to heart disease but is also a factor in complicating the prognosis in many other ailments. Besides health, people choose not to eat meat because of compassion for the animals that are sacrificed for our taste buds. Worry for the environment is another factor in deciding not to eat meat. The world suffers from the over-cultivation of animals for food. 30 % of the world’s arable land and one third of  our fresh water is used to raise animals for meat, eggs and fish. All of this poses a real threat to the earth’s population through the over-use of antibiotics and the pollution to our land and waterways. And this affects us all, even those of us who are already vegetarians! That is a good reason to publicize this week to your friends and family and urge them to try vegetarianism for a week or two. It might surprise them how easy it is!

To help people try eating a plant based diet, we offer supporting materials like recipes and articles to read that can get one started. Once your friend (or you!) has finished the two weeks, ask him/her to analyze how they feel and ask if this something that he or she might want to continue for the rest of their life to support their health and the health of the planet. Even if one can’t be a vegetarian 100% of the time, at least commit to several days a week. Think of how much good we do if everyone reduced their meat consumption by 25%!

Here is the link to get you started. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask!


To read an article about the impact of the meat industry on the environment, check out this one from Time Magazine:

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