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Get Healthy and Help the PlanetEnjoy Vegetarian food for two weeks. See how good you feel; and how good it tastes!

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Support: Important Vegetarian Info and Advice Emailed to you for 14-days
A special Vegetarian Challenge goodie bag when you come to the next Veggie Fest Chicago
Vegetarian e-recipes during the 14-day Challenge

You will also get:
Support: A chance to experience a better way to eat and live for the rest of your life.
You can try the lacto-vegetarian diet (no meat, fish or eggs but includes milk products) or the vegan diet (also no milk products).

During the 14-day Vegetarian Challenge you will get these electronic books FREE

Exotic Tofu Cookery - Electronic Book Vegetarian Eggless Cakes - Electronic Book South of the Border Vegan - Electronic Cookbook


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