Vegetarian Spiritual Benefits


Some Ethical and Spiritual Benefits of vegetarianism are:

A vegetarian diet is based on compassion and nonviolence

The vegetarian diet helps us to maintain a balance between our body and soul

Vegetarianism is one of the cornerstones of a successful meditative and spiritual life

Vegetarianism helps us have more love and concern for all other life in creation

Vegetarianism is an extension of spiritual practices

Vegetarianism is the most compassionate diet because it involves eating food which contains the least amount of consciousness or life

Spiritual teachers often state that vegetarianism is necessary for those who want to find God

For those who wish to follow the path leading to self-knowledge and God-realization a strict vegetarian diet is essential

If we want to learn meditation our consciousness needs to be calm and collected. Eating the dead flesh of animals agitates our consciousness most and hinders meditation.

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