Famous Whiskey Cocktails You Must Try Right Now!

If you are a lover of Whiskey, you would know for a fact that there are so many brands offering Whiskies and so many are great. 

 Whiskey lovers generally like to have them neat or on the rocks. But do you also know Whiskey makes for great cocktails?

There are quite a number of cocktails that are absolutely brilliant and you must try them now!

There is a question though! Which brand and type of whiskey should we choose? Depends on the drink. 

However, Texas Ranger Whiskey, which is a Blended American whiskey, offers cocktails on its own site using its own Whiskey. You can try that as well. 

For a Texas Ranger Whiskey review, see here. 

On the other hand, if a cocktail suggests you have a Bourbon or Irish or anything else, better try something great in that particular type like the Jim Beam for a Bourbon or Jameson for an Irish.

1. Manhattan:

This is the most popular Whiskey cocktail to be consumed around the world. A traditional cocktail, this one includes any type of Whiskey, Sweet Vermouth and some orange bitters. 

Ingredients: Whiskey, Sweet Vermouth, Bitters

2. Jack & Coke Recipe:

A standard and classic drink, mixing your Whiskey with Coke is the most easily consumed Whiskey drink. Almost any Whiskey type can go well with Coke, however, there is this most popular drink called Jack and Coke which mixes Jack Daniels with Cola.

Ingredients: Jack Daniels, Coca Cola

Read here for Jack and Coke recipe. 

3. Old-Fashioned:

Whiskey with just bitters is as good as a manhattan. To mellow down the bitterness, you can add some sugar cubes to the mix and shake the cocktail.

Ingredients: Bourbon Whiskey, Bitters, Sugar Cubes

4. Highball drink:

Yet another simple drink with just Whiskey and Ginger Ale. Instead of Ginger Ale you can also use Club Soda. Similar to Whiskey and Coke, Whiskey and Soda is a Highball drink.

Ingredients: Whiskey, Ginger Ale or Club Soda

 5. Sazerac:

Sazerac is an old, traditional cocktail that has been known to exist from the 1800s. Somehow Whiskey and Bitters are known to complement each other well. Even in this cocktail, bitters along with Sugar cubes and a little bit of Absinthe adds the twist.

Ingredients: Whiskey, Bitters, Sugar Cubes, Absinthe or Anise liqueur

6. Boulevardier:

A brilliant looking and even better tasting cocktail, Boulevardier is a mix of Whiskey, Sweet Vermouth and Campari. If it is bourbon, the flavors are a notch up.

Ingredients: Bourbon, Sweet Vermouth, Campari

7. Whiskey Cobbler:

A straight from kitchen cocktail, add some simple syrup and club soda to Whiskey. You can also add some fruit slices as garnish and flavors.

Ingredients: Whiskey, Simple syrup, Club Soda